How to Brew A perfect cup of coffee

There are many types of brewing processes based on the type of coffee you select. Creating the perfect cup of coffee comes by not only the brewing process but the quality of the coffee.

Here are some helpful tips for brewing a perfect cup of coffee…

1. Have some great coffee beans! If you want the most perfect cup of coffee, it starts with having a great coffee bean. The next would be how you roast it. Some people prefer light roast while others prefer a dark roast; so, be sure to roast your coffee bean to what fits you the best for the perfect cup of coffee.

2. Make sure your coffee is fresh. Never reuse coffee grinds to make another cup of coffee because the flavors have already been extracted from the first time you made coffee. Try to drink your coffee as soon as it has been roasted. The longer it sits, the more the freshness goes away.

3. If you grind your coffee, be sure to grind your coffee beans as close to the brewing time as you can so that you make sure to have very fresh coffee beans. Burr grinders are more preferred than blade grinders because some beans being used with a blade grinder will be grinded more than the rest. The size of the grind is so important to the taste of your coffee. If you grind too fine, then your coffee may taste bitter so be sure to match the size of the grind just perfectly.

4. One of the biggest ingredients to making coffee is water. It is very important the type of water quality you are using when brewing your coffee. Filtered or bottled water is most preferred because there is less chlorine and less odor than say in tap water. Typically, the ratio of water to coffee is one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water but this can be altered to suit a person’s taste preferences. The preferred water temperature should be between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit but again that can be a personal preference.

5. The brewing time is very crucial to a great cup of coffee. The amount of time the coffee grounds and the water make contact is important depending on how you are brewing the coffee. For a drip system, the contact made between grounds and water should be approximately 5 minutes. A French press, roughly 2-4 minutes. For espresso, the brewing time is quite brief, typically 20 to 30 seconds.

Enjoy your coffee!

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